Genuine Ferrari Portofino Interior Upgrades

Ferrari, a name that resonates with luxury, performance, and craftsmanship. For every fan who chooses this brand, personalization is vital. The very essence of Ferrari lies not just in its roaring engines or its specific silhouette, but also in the customization options that allow every owner to make a statement on the road, & with these interior upgrades, you are sure to make one hell of a statement.

Aluminium Footrest:

Ferrari Genuine offers a unique enhancement for the feet of the driver and their co-pilot. This aluminium footrest kit incorporates motifs inspired by the world of motorsports. This design mirrors that of the pedals, amplifying the sporty nature inherent to Ferrari. 

Carbon Fibre Bridge:

For the discerning Ferrari owner, the interior of the Portofino can be given an extra dose of athleticism. Carbon fibre, known for its lightweight yet robust nature, can replace the bridge on the centre console.

Carbon Fibre Centre Tunnel Console

Another opportunity for owners to infuse their interiors with a lightweight, race-ready feel. Swapping out the standard centre console with a carbon fibre version does wonders for aesthetics and offers a contemporary edge.

Carbon Fibre Dashboard Accents

Variants: dashboard accents – dashboard accents, for passenger display

The dashboard is one of the most prominent & attention grabbing elements in a car’s interior. Ferrari Genuine understands that & offers owners the chance to amplify the luxury quotient with dashboard accents entirely made of carbon fibre.

Carbon Fibre Headrest Inserts

The quest for exclusivity often lies in the details. Ferrari Genuine recognises this and provides carbon fibre inserts for the seat headrests. 

Carbon Fibre Kickplate

Kickplates may seem like a minor detail, but with Ferrari, every element matters. Through the Ferrari Genuine programme, the aluminium kickplate can be replaced with a carbon fibre version.

Carbon Fibre Overmats

Variants overmats – overmats, fire extinguisher version

Gone are the days when overmats were plain and functional. Ferrari Genuine offers overmats crafted from carbon fibre, with a special clear coat for a non-slip finish. For added elegance, the front mats come adorned with a vehicle logo either on a leather patch or a special steel plate.

Alcantara Overmats

For those wanting an alternative to carbon fibre, Ferrari Genuine offers overmats in Alcantara®. Known for its durability and soft touch, Alcantara® maintains its allure even with frequent use, ensuring the car’s interior remains as pristine as the day it was purchased.

Coloured Overmats with Logo

Variants: Logo – Logo, for fire extinguisher version – Logo, in Alcantara

For those who prefer a splash of colour beneath their feet, Ferrari Genuine offers coloured overmats. Crafted either from carpet or Alcantara® and edged with leather, these overmats feature an embroidered vehicle logo.

Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel:

A steering wheel is more than just a tool to steer the car; it’s a direct conduit between the machine and the man. Enhancing its appearance with carbon fibre, and the option of LEDs on the upper part, Ferrari Genuine takes the driving experience to a whole new level.

F1 Racing Shift Paddles:

Variants: Glossy carbon fibre – Matte carbon fibre

A true race enthusiast understands the importance of precision. The F1 paddles, exclusive to the Ferrari Genuine programme, promise sharper gear shifts, especially on the racetrack.

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