Lamborghini’s EV “feel” vision

Lamborghini’s Electrifying Future: Reinventing the Emotional Drive

Lamborghini, the brand most synonymous with thrilling driving experiences, is exploring innovative ways to keep stirring drivers’ emotions as it transitions to electric vehicles (EVs). Unlike some competitors, Lamborghini has no interest in simulating the character of an internal combustion engine (ICE) in its future EVs, as exemplified by Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 N. Instead, Lamborghini is charting a new course.

A New Challenge: EV Emotion

Lamborghini’s chief technical officer, Rouven Mohr, recently spoke with Top Gear about the company’s ambitious plans. He emphasized Lamborghini’s commitment to creating the strongest possible connection between driver and machine. While he acknowledges that achieving this with EVs is “harder” than with traditional ICE vehicles, Mohr is confident it’s “not impossible.” Lamborghini already has some exciting ideas in the pipeline.

Focusing on Unique Attributes

“The emotionally minded car manufacturers must focus on different things in the electric world,” Mohr explained. He stressed that mimicking the character of ICE vehicles is “not the right approach”. Instead, the emotions of future EVs will come from aspects beyond just the type of motor or battery used. These components merely enable performance and range requirements. The true character of an EV, according to Mohr, will be defined by entirely new elements. Lamborghini plans to reveal these innovative concepts within the next year or two.

Beyond Acceleration: Redefining Fun

Mohr made it clear that traditional performance metrics, such as 0-62mph acceleration times, won’t define the excitement of future EVs. “That is not something that generates fun,” he stated. Lamborghini is exploring ways to create the same “I want to have” feeling its current buyers experience with the ICE lineup, but tailored for its upcoming EVs. While praising the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N as a “really well done car,” Mohr insists Lamborghini needs to carve out a unique identity for its EVs, distinct from what’s already available.

Reinventing Car Character

“Our area of the car industry has to reinvent the character-defining attributes of a car,” Mohr added. He believes that future generations will develop a different interpretation of what is considered cool in a vehicle. There will come a time, he suggests, when young people won’t understand the appeal of an ICE manual sports car. This shift in perception will drive Lamborghini’s innovation as it seeks to stay ahead of the curve by literally shaping said perception in the young generations, just like it did for many of us growing up.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Active Toe and Camber Adjustment

One of the intriguing technologies Lamborghini is developing is active toe and camber adjustment. This system employs a pair of 48-volt electric motors, providing up to 6.6 degrees of toe adjustment in either direction, 2.5 degrees of positive camber, and 5.5 degrees of negative camber. Remarkably, this system can adjust toe and camber by up to 60 degrees per second.

Enhancing Driving Dynamics

Discussing this technology, Mohr highlighted its potential to enable driving maneuvers previously deemed impossible. “You can control the best position of the tire and, with scalpel sharpness, define the right amount of torque,” he explained. Unlike ICE engines, which have inherent delays in power delivery, electric motors offer millisecond precision. This allows for innovative control strategies, such as constantly slipping the wheel in a controlled manner, akin to a reverse traction control system.

Looking Ahead

As Lamborghini navigates the electrification journey, its focus remains on delivering unparalleled driving experiences. By embracing new technologies and redefining what makes a car exciting, Lamborghini aims to continue its legacy of evoking passion and excitement in drivers, even in an electric future. The road ahead may be challenging, but with visionary leadership and cutting-edge innovations, Lamborghini is poised to electrify the automotive world.

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