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Genuine Maserati Levante Spare Parts

It may come as a surprise to many, but the Levante has proven to be the best-selling Maserati to date, surpassing even the likes of the MC12 and Ghibli. As Maserati’s first-ever all-wheel drive SUV, the Levante has quickly become a crowd favorite thanks to its numerous engine options and remarkable enhancements, earning the distinction of being dubbed “the Maserati of SUVs.” Boasting ample space and superb handling, it is reminiscent of something that would be created by Ferrari.

Specialists in Maserati Levante Parts

Though not the most luxurious of the Maserati models, the interior is thoughtfully designed and can be personalized with premium finishes and leather trims to cater to individual preferences. Upon launch, the Levante was available exclusively with diesel engines, offering impressive strength and pulling power. However, in 2019, a 3.0 V6 petrol engine was introduced, providing an exhilarating soundtrack that is not typically associated with SUVs. It was also the year the gearshift lever underwent a significant redesign, resulting in a smoother, more user-friendly operation.

The Levante’s engine choices span from 275 horsepower to a maximum of 580 horsepower, which is found in the Ferrari-derived V8 Trofeo, the most thrilling Levante to drive. Agile and sharp, it is thanks to the “Corsa driving mode,” which instantaneously improves throttle response, gear shifting, and exhaust soundtrack. The Trofeo prioritizes enjoyment over speed, resulting in a truly exceptional driving experience.

New and Used Maserati Levante Parts Available

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