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Genuine Ferrari F50 Spare Parts

Introduced in 1995, the F50 is a true rarity which pays homage to Ferrari’s 50th anniversary with only 349 units produced. All F50s were only initially leased by customers for two years before Ferrari would sign over the title.

The F50 bore very little in common with any other Ferrari models. With smooth curves, huge intakes, double twin-pipe exhausts and a radical rear wing, the F50 could manage 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds and had a top speed of over 200 mph. It was the first Ferrari to use an entire carbon fibre tub in a road car and interestingly Ferrari chose to offer the F50 only in a Targa configuration which means every F50 produced had a pop-out roof portion. It was available in 5 colours; the signature Rosso Corsa bright red, Rosso Barchetta dark red, Giallo Fly yellow, Nero black or Argento silver.

Spare Parts for the Ferrari F50

The two previous supercar models, the 288 GTO and F40, had been powered by turbocharged V8 engines, however, the F50 is unlike these and used a narrow-angle 4.7 litre V12 engine, very similar to the one in the 1994 412 T Formula One car. The unique 65° naturally aspirated V12 engine had 5 valves per cylinder, double overhead cams per bank, forged Mahle pistons, forged titanium connecting rods and a forged steel crankshaft which all put together produced an almighty 513 bhp.

The F50 has earned a spot on the list of the most powerful naturally aspirated sports cars and produces one of the most beautiful exhaust notes. It was designed to offer a raw, unfiltered driving experience. For this reason, the F50 lacks modern driving aids like ABS, power steering and traction control, so the lucky driver can experience the adrenaline one would get driving a Formula One car without being in a Formula One car! With race-derived technology, purposeful appearance and outstanding performance, the F50 was one of the most advanced and capable cars of its time.

Experienced Ferrari F50 parts supplier

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