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Genuine Ferrari F355 Spare Parts

The Ferrari 355 replaced the 348 and improved upon many of its shortcomings. It was released in 1994 and boasted the latest F1 technology, which helped reduce its 0-60 mph time to just 4.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 183 mph.

The 355’s exterior and interior are exquisite, and its V8 engine produces a sound that delights the senses. The suspension can be adjusted to prioritise comfort or speed, and the handling is excellent due to its brilliantly responsive and sharp steering – all 355 models come with power steering as standard.

Spare Parts for the Ferrari F355

Named after its engine size (3.5 litres) and the number of valves (5) per cylinder, this rear-engined V8 Ferrari produced 380 bhp and is often featured in the top 10 list of best Ferraris ever. The Challenge model was launched in 1995, and it was completely track-focused, including all the necessary features for racing, such as a roll cage, harness, and competition steering wheel. The final edition of the 355 (Fiorano) was released in 1999.

The 355 was a pivotal car for Ferrari in many ways, being the last-ever hand-built production Ferrari and the last V8 to feature pop-up headlights. It is an iconic supercar that was an instant hit and remains desirable to this day. Everything about this Ferrari exudes quality. Initially, it only came with a 6-speed manual gearbox and was available as a coupe or Targa-roofed GTS; a full convertible was launched a year later.

Experienced Ferrari F355 parts supplier

Masparts is your go-to supplier for Ferrari 355 parts. Our team’s passion for helping clients revive their vehicles is what drives us to continually improve the service we offer. Our stock of parts and accessories is unmatched, and we take the same level of care to source and deliver every item, regardless of its size or value.

To find your part, please select your model; we have parts for the 355 transmission and Ferrari 355 engine for sale. Additionally, we sell Ferrari 355 Challenge parts, including body external elements and 355 service kits. Used 355 spare parts are also available on our website, thanks to our in-house breaking team. While it’s never a pleasant sight to see a highly sought-after supercar in a state of despair and in need of breaking for its parts, take comfort in knowing that Masparts will have the parts you require to keep your Ferrari 355 on the road and track.

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At Masparts, we’re driven by passion and possess a wealth of knowledge on all Ferrari spares. We strive to fulfil all your Ferrari part needs so that you can swiftly and easily restore your car to perfect condition. Need assistance with handling or installation? Get in touch with one of our specialists! Unlike other websites, we have a large inventory of new and used Ferrari spares in stock and can ship most items on the same day.