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Genuine Ferrari 308 Spare Parts

To celebrate 20 years of an exclusive partnership with Italian car designers and coachbuilders Pininfarina, Ferrari launched the Dino 308 GT4 in 1973 – a V8 mid-engined Grand Tourer. The 308 had an angular body style with pop-up headlights, boomerang-shaped air intakes, and a spacious rear seating arrangement. The 2+2 coupe had a top speed of 155 mph and remained in production for 7 years until it was replaced by the Mondial 8.

In 1975, Ferrari released the 308 GTB, and two years later, the 308 GTS, a Targa designed in collaboration with Pininfarina, making open-top sports car driving a dream come true. The hardtop of the 308 GTS could be stored away behind the rear seats when not in use.

Spare Parts for the Ferrari 308

The production year 1980 saw the release of two more 308 models, the 308 GTBi and 308 GTSi. These models gained worldwide popularity thanks to the popular TV series “Magnum PI”. Although the body style and interior were similar to the 308 GTB, the main differences were a new stitch pattern on the leather-trimmed bucket seats, and the clock and oil gauge being moved away from the other main instruments to make them more visible to the driver. The most notable change was made to the engine with the introduction of fuel injection systems, denoted by the “i” suffix in the car’s name. Fuel injection gave both models a smoother power delivery, and although the new cleaner engines were less powerful than the previous carburettor ones, both models could achieve a top speed of 149 mph.

In 1982, Ferrari released two more 308 models, the 308 GTB Quattrovalvole and 308 GTS Quattrovalvole. To overcome the loss of raw power due to the changeover to fuel-injected engines, Ferrari engineers worked smart to find a solution and identified that four valves per cylinder (Quattrovalvole) offered the optimal solution. These models were an improvement on their 1980 predecessors and featured again in the hit detective show “Magnum PI”. It is said that the popularity of the show, combined with the tropical island setting, sunshine, fast cars, and action, contributed to making the 308 the iconic symbol it is today.

Experienced Ferrari 308 parts supplier

Masparts is a market leader when it comes to the supply and delivery of new and used genuine Ferrari parts. We understand that the Ferrari 308 combined vintage stunning looks with impressive dynamics and that you may own one as an investment or a Sunday drive. To keep it in prestige condition, we can supply you with whatever part you need, including a Ferrari 308 distributor cap, workshop manual, water pump, steering wheel, and much more!

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Here at Masparts, we love the Ferrari 308, and with over 30 years’ spare part supply experience, we have gained great knowledge of this wonderful supercar so please do not hesitate to contact us for all your Ferrari 308 parts needs.