Author: Nick Helfferich


As a proud Maserati Quattroporte V or GranTurismo owner, you naturally want to keep or get your Maserati in good condition. Therefore, we would like to help you get a keen eye for this. There are a few important (basic) points to check on your Maserati.

Firstly, it is wise to keep a close eye on the condition of your battery, especially if the Maserati is your Sunday car. In particular, the Maserati Quattroporte V and GranTurismo are very susceptible to a bad battery. In fact, a bad battery can cause all sorts of mysterious electrical faults and warnings. A good trickle charger combined with a battery indicator is the solution to this. The moment you put the car away with the idea of not driving it for a few days, you can connect the trickle charger. This way, you minimize the chance of a flat battery.

Secondly, we advise you to follow the Maserati recommended maintenance interval very strictly. In general, this means that your Maserati needs maintenance at least every 20000 km or 2 years (even if you are not using it). If possible, an oil change is recommended between these guidelines. Always use high-quality oil and make sure you use the right oil for your Maserati.

Thirdly, we recommend making sure that the seal of your Maserati boot lid is in good condition. The boot contains many important components such as the electronic parking brake, this component often gets damaged by water damage. Preventing water damage can save you high and unexpected costs.

Finally, it is definitely a good idea to check the current condition of your Maserati with the help of a Maserati specialist workshop. 


Correct maintenance is obviously the best way to ensure vehicle performance and safety features. Besides this, it also ensures respect for the environment and low operating costs. Maserati has for the latest Maserati models: Ghibli III, Levante, and Quattroporte VI a prescribed scheduled maintenance service that is essentially the same for all three models.

The Ghibli III, Levante, and Quattroporte VI require maintenance every 20000 kilometers or 2 years. Shorter service intervals may be required when the car is used under severe operating conditions, such as on dusty roads and/or on frequent or short trips. In any case (after 20000KM), the following parts will need to be replaced: oil, oil filter, air filter, and pollen filter. Maserati recommends replacing spark plugs after 60000KM, but earlier – every 40000 – is strongly recommended by Maserati specialists.

Exactly 19200 KM after the most recent oil change was performed will the oil change due appear. In that case, it’s important to have your vehicle serviced within the coming 800km. The Maserati Service Network will reset the oil change indicator after the scheduled oil change has been completed.

In the case of heavy-duty of the vehicle, especially due to the presence of mud and dust in the engine compartment, proceed with the preventive replacement of the alternator belt. For example for the countries, Morocco, Lebanon, and Jordan is a service interval of every 20000KM or 1 year advised.

Feel free to get in contact with one of our specialists if you have any other questions. Our team would be happy to advise you.