Genuine Ferrari Portofino Exterior Upgrades

Ferrari, a name that resonates with luxury, performance, and craftsmanship. For every fan who chooses this brand, personalization is vital. The very essence of Ferrari lies not just in its roaring engines or its specific silhouette, but also in the customization options that allow every owner to make a statement on the road, & with these exterior upgrades, you are sure to make one hell of a statement.

Genuine 20″ forged wheels:

Variants: Paint finish: Sparkling Silver – Matte Two-Tone Diamond Finish

Exclusively designed for Ferrari Genuine, these 20” forged wheels merge advanced technology with exclusive design. From enhancing the vehicle’s silhouette to ensuring faster responses on the road, these wheels are for those who want nothing but the best.

20″ forged wheels:

Variants: Liquid Silver – Matte Grigio Corsa – Two-tone diamond finish

Made using cutting-edge forging technology, these wheels aren’t just about good looks. They cut down the vehicle’s overall weight by around 7 kg, ensuring not just an aesthetically pleasing, sporty look but also superior performance.

20″ wheels:

Variants: Matte Grigio Corsa – Paint finish, chrome

Giving more personalized touch options, Ferrari offers a range of 20″ wheels for those looking for a change from their current ones. These wheels are an epitome of innovation, exclusive design, and unmatched quality. 

Carbon fibre Air Ducts

A marriage of form and function, the carbon fibre air ducts not only lend a sharp, gritty look to the vehicle’s rear but also serve a practical purpose. These ducts are crafted for the precise extraction of air from the engine compartment, ensuring efficient cooling.

Carbon fibre Fender Vents:

Adding to the options for personalization, the Ferrari Genuine catalogue introduces the carbon fibre fender vents. These give your Portofino an added dimension of sportiness and sophistication.

Carbon fibre Front Spoiler:

Enhance the aerodynamics of your Portofino with the carbon fibre front spoiler. Crafted with advanced technology, this spoiler aids in aerodynamic efficiency while allowing owners to add a personal touch to their vehicle’s appearance.

Carbon fibre Under-Door Kit:

For those wanting to further the race-car feel, the carbon fibre under-door kit is a must. This high-impact aesthetic enhancement not only uplifts the vehicle’s visual appeal but also offers weight reduction benefits.

Coloured callipers:

Variants: Aluminium – Glossy black – Blue – Dark grey – Gold – Rosso Corsa – Rosso Scuderia – Giallo Modena

One can never overlook the details. The range of coloured brake callipers in the Genuine catalogue ensures that the vehicle showcases the owner’s personal style down to the smallest aspects.

Flag Logo:

Variants: Italy flag, 40mmx58mm – Italy, 20 cm x 0.9 cm

The Flag logo isn’t just about showcasing national pride. The intricate fire glazing technique used ensures a product of unparalleled beauty and quality.

Front grille

Variants: Glossy black – Glossy black, with radar

The front of the car often defines its character. With the Ferrari Genuine’s offering of a completely black front grille, you can lend your Portofino a tougher, more aggressive look, ensuring it stands out.

Front grille with chrome accents:

Variants: with chrome accents – Glossy black – with chrome accents & radar

Should the all-black grille be too stern, Ferrari offers a grille accented with elegant chrome highlights. This adds an element of sophistication, ensuring the Portofino remains versatile in its appearance.

Sports tailpipe tips

Every detail matters. The sporty tailpipe tips not only lend a distinct visual touch to the Portofino’s rear but also ensure that the vehicle’s unique sound remains unaltered.

Tailpipe tips with ceramic coating:

With the ceramic coated steel tailpipe tips, not only do you get a rugged, sportier appearance, but also a durable finish that can handle the heat and wear over time, ensuring your Portofino remains in top shape.

 With the Genuine Exterior Upgrades for the Ferrari Portofino, each drive becomes a manifestation of one’s individuality and taste!

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