Genuine Lamborghini Urus Upgrades

In this new entry in the “Genuine upgrades” series, we’ll go over some wheel upgrades with a side order of winter tyres for your Lamborghini Urus & 2 more products at the end.

1- Alcione 21″ Forged Wheels:

Variants: Titanium Matte – Shiny Silver – Shiny Black

Forged wheels are used by most supercar manufacturers, and for good reason, not only are they strong & durable, they are also lighter (So weight reduction) & have better heat dissipation properties. One more + for forged wheels is that they offer great flexibility in terms of customization, letting designers create the most intricate designs AND offer a lot of finish options, something that is very appreciated in the supercars niche as owners love their high speed toys & customizing them to personal taste is an understandably common practice!

2- ASTEROPE 21″ Aluminium Wheels:

Variants: Graphite Grey – Shiny Silver

Inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of the “Asterope” star (part of the “Taurus” constellation. It truly captivates the eye, exuding an aura of sophistication and dynamism, the Asterope wheel features a bold multi-spoke design. In our opinion, this rim option the graphite grey variant looks extremely appealing!

3- NATH 22″ Forged Wheels:

Variants: Titanium – Diamond Shiny Black – Titanium Matt Diamond

Arguably one of the most loved models among Lamborghini owners worldwide. The NATH wheels are a true testament to Lamborghini’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in design, the design of the NATH wheels showcases harmony between aerodynamics & elegance.

4- AURIGA 22″ Forged Wheels:

Merging the multi-spoke aspect of the ASTEROPE wheels & the tips of the NATHs, the AURIGA wheel set is one of the most popular options, especially among the owners of the Lamborghini Aventador. They do surprisingly fit the Urus quite well despite the much bigger model size compared to the Aventador. The most popular option for these is the shiny black finish

7- Grease Cap:

Variants: Diamond – Gold – Silver – Carbon – Legacy “Lamborghini Since 1963”

A wheel isn’t complete without branding, especially not without one as prestigious as Lamborghini, and here again you get a couple really cool options including Diamond, gold, silver, carbon, or my favorite: the OG “Logo with the marking since 1963”

8- Complete Sport Exhaust System:

People drive supercars for the thrill the experience provides, & we think we can all agree that thrill would not be achievable without proper supercar sound. Fitting this genuine sport exhaust system to your Lamborghini Urus will unleash the monster inside & give you that symphony you’ve been craving ever since you bought it!

9-Control Panel with Push Buttons (Drive modes selector):

Variants: Black ade – Grey Octans

One of the main selling points for a Lamborghini car to me personally is the feeling you get when driving & using the control panel. The fighter jet feel with the push buttons & small levers is truly transforming a normal driving experience into an exciting session all throughout. With this retrofit option, you can get to choose between Black Ade or Grey Octans depending on the interior design you selected.

Investing in genuine upgrades for your Lamborghini is truly worth as it ensures top tier build quality while keeping your warranty validity as we discussed in [this article (link to: The role of genuine parts in keeping warranty validity for your Lamborghini)] while giving extraordinary customization possibilities.

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