Genuine Ferrari 458 Upgrades [interior]

Ferrari 458 rolling shot


In this second part of the “Genuine Ferrari 458 upgrades”, we’ll go over some interior genuine upgrades. The trend for this one is as you will see right away is “Carbon Fiber everywhere”. And it’s no surprise since the interior layout of the 458 was designed with the contribution of a racing professional, none other than Michael Schumacher, ensuring a true racing car-inspired experience with additional controls on the steering wheel.

1- Carbon Fiber rear Steering wheel

What is the first real point of connection between a driver & his car? No, it’s not the Carbon Fiber Kickplates but we’ll get to that soon. The first upgrade we’re listing is none other than the steering wheel in carbon fiber version, elevating the sporty feel & look while making it of course lighter than the normal steering with LED lights on the upper section of the wheel inspired by Formula 1, also worth noting, you are able to customize the leather part with your choice of color stitching.


2- Carbon Fiber F1 Shift Paddles:

One remarkable upgrade every truly discerning driver would go for: Shift paddles. Designed to replace the standard paddles, these paddles are made of carbon fiber & beyond their captivating aesthetic, it undeniably makes the driving experience smoother due to the lightweight nature of the material, enhancing responsiveness & agility therefore allowing for quicker & precise gear changes. And of course let’s not forget the durability part, being carbon fiber, you can be sure these paddles will last even longer than the car (& that’s quite the statement especially if you’re a responsible car owner that can keep a car for that long).


3- Carbon Fiber Center tunnel console:

If there is one carbon fiber implementation I love for interiors in modern cars, it’s the carbon fiber in center tunnel console upgrade as it truly exudes class & sophistication. It is quite frankly one of the many interior elements (along with the gauge cluster) that dictate the look of the rest of it, so it is only natural that we include it as one of the first carbon fiber upgrades.

4- Carbon Fiber Dashboard Accents:

These accents, along with the carbon fiber center tunnel console are one of the highly sought after options for those seeking to personalize their 458 interior, they add a touch of elegance & exclusivity to a dashboard, making every idle revving experience an exciting one.

5- Carbon Fiber Kickplate:

This one upgrade makes every Ferrari 458 door opening sequence a sight to behold. The carbon fiber kickplace with a steel Ferrari text logo gives that door opening experience the dramatic look every Ferrari deserves.

6- Carbon Fiber Internal Door Trims:

These door trims not only exude a captivating sporty allure but also offer strength & durability to the entire door, not to mention that they – coupled with the carbon fiber kickplate – give a very aggressive & classy look to your Ferrari 458

Carbon fiber internal door trim

As you can see by the curated upgrades we listed, Ferrari’s vision for this car is purely about weight reduction to ensure high performance for track use with an interior solely focused on carbon fiber implementation.

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