Lamborghini declares having sold last ever gas-Powered supercar

Image of the Director of Lamborghini Stephan Winkelmann

In pure Lamborghini fashion, Stephan Winkelmann – Director of Lamborghini – makes a bold statement & announcement that marks a significant shift in the automotive industry’s Supercar+ niche. Stephan Winkelmann in his latest interview with german newspaper “Welt” on July 5th, said that Lamborghini has sold its last EVER gas-powered supercar.

With the undeniable reality of climate change looming large on the horizon, efforts to mitigate the impact have become crucial & governments all around the world, especially in the EU are implementing very strict goals for all car makers including the likes of Lamborghini & Ferrari.

While others are making efforts to go fully electric, some are going the “hybrid” route including Lamborghini, seemingly, Lamborghini is enjoying the switch more & more as the electrification of their models (with the announcement of the first ever plug-in hybrid lamborghini, & the spotting of hybrid versions of existing lamborghinis are happening more & more) seem to have garnered huge interest among clients as it shows in the Revuelto sales numbers, which is already sold out until 2025+ (Read our review of the Lamborghini Revuelto).

The impact was so enormous that the brand has decided to fully embrace this paradigm shift. While the announcement doesn’t completely indicate imminent departure from traditional fuel-powered drivetrains, it does mark a significant turning point for the brand going forward as they plan on electrifying every current model to truly boost their potential, with the first leaked one being the Hybrid Lamborghini Urus (Rumored for 2024, but that’s still to be determined really..).

This move from Lamborghini reflects its commitment to sustainability. Because while the brand has been synonymous with high-octane, gas-guzzling supercars, it doesn’t mean that things will always be that way, since Lamborghini is known for always innovating on their drivetrains as the years go, & with the world rapidly heading towards electrification, this transition is the natural course of action for the brand, combining cutting-edge performance with a reduced ecological footprint, appealing to a new generation of environmentally conscious car enthusiasts.

Not to mention that this switch provides Lamborghini with the opportunity to explore new frontiers in automotive engineering, which has been proven to truly deliver insane never before reached performance levels in torque numbers & epic instant acceleration.

On the other hand though, in typical Lamborghini VS Ferrari fashion, Ferrari had a totally different thing to say on this whole matter, if you want to read about it head over to this article.

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