Ferrari 458 Genuine Upgrades [Exterior]

Side profile rolling shot of a Ferrari 458

In this new entry in the “Best genuine upgrades for your …” series, we’ll go over some much needed genuine upgrades for the Ferrari 458 Italia. From useful tech to stylish additions, these upgrades are designed to elevate your journey in your Ferrari 458 Italia.

First of, some information about the car itself & its different versions. The Ferrari 458 – produced between 2009-2015 in Maranello, Italy – has captivated Ferrari car enthusiasts worldwide with its stunning design & exceptional performance. Designed in collaboration with Pininfarina, the 458 model came in 3 variants: the Italia (which we’ll be focusing on in this post), Spider, and challenge.

With it’s cool design, the Ferrari 458 has garnered attention & was awarded numerous accolades, including well over 30 international awards, “Car of the year 2009” – “Cabrio of the year 2011” just to cite a few. But most notably, the Speciale variant of it (the high performance sister) earned Top Gear’s “Supercar of the year” in 2013 as well as Jame May’s Car of the Year award.

The aerodynamic efficiency of the 458’s exterior design deserves recognition. The 458 showcases Ferrari’s signature elements (Purity, simplicity, tech, efficiency & lightness. As with its mid-rear engine inspired by Ferrari’s racing technology, housing a naturally aspirated 4.5 liter V8 engine capable of revving up to 9000 RPM, which is quite impressive for an 8-cylinder road car. Paired with a dual-clutch & a 7 speed transmission, the 458 is capable of reaching a top speed of 320 km/h & 0-100km in just over 3 seconds.

For those seeking spare parts for the Ferrari 458, it’s crucial to know your vehicle very well. Lucky for you, Masparts has a blog section dedicated to educating you about everything related to spare parts for a number of Ferrari models, & this blog post is dedicated to the 458 Italia & all its genuine exterior upgrades.

So without further ado, let’s talk about genuine upgrades for the Ferrari 458 Italia.

1- Carbon Fiber rear diffuser

Ferrari 458 Italia rear diffuser

If we were only able to push one type of upgrade, it would totally be a carbon fiber part. Not only does carbon fiber give your car a sportier look, but it also of course enhances the aerodynamics & handling thanks to the material’s weight-saving characteristic. Increasing rear downforce & facilitating the efficient evacuation of air from the down body by minimizing turbulence

– 20” forged wheels:

available in variants: multi-spoke, matte racing gray – Matt cast Iron Gray – Racing Gray Diamond Bright – Iron Gray Paint – Two-Tone Diamond Shine.

Experience the perfect blend of exclusive design & cutting-edge tech with the forged wheels designed by Ferrari’s styling center. These wheels are meticulously crafted to enhance the sleek lines of your Ferrari, offering a truly captivating aesthetic appeal. Thanks to the innovative forging process, these wheels significantly reduce the overall weight of the car, therefore delivering a lightened driving experience & ensuring faster responsiveness at the wheel. Whether you opt for the two-tone diamond finish or the exquisite paint finish, the 20” forged wheels add a touch of sportiness & elegance.


3- 20” wheels:

Silver, Shadow Chrome


4- Carbon Fiber Front Aerodynamic Appendages:

These well engineered appendages possess a calibrated stiffness that allows controlled deformation based on speed & aerodynamic load, achieving an optimal balance between downforce & cooling performance in various driving conditions. Crafted with lightweight carbon fiber, these appendages not only contribute to weight reduction but also give a more aggressive & captivating look to your Ferrari 458 Italia.

Ferrari 458 Italia front aerodynamic appendages

5- Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper strip:

Carbon Fiber rear bumper strip, Carbon Fiber rear bumper strip with parking sensor

Unleash the inherent aggressive look of your Ferrari 458 Italia with the “connector”, this addition greatly accentuates the appeal of the 458 as it takes up quite a big percentage of the back, giving the back a high-tech aesthetic. & let’s face it, going with the carbon fiber diffuser upgrade & leaving the bumper strip on standard is kind of like a Ferrari horse badge with the tail cut off, at least that’s how I see it…

Ferrari 458 Italia Carbon fiber bumper strip


6- Carbon Fiber under-door kit:

This open-weave carbon fiber under-door kit is an innovative solution that not only makes a bold aesthetic statement, but also amplifies the vehicle’s racing spirit, and of course since it’s carbon fiber, it doesn’t only affect looks but also grants weight reduction & aerodynamic properties!

Ferrari 458 Italia carbon fiber under door kit


7- Brakes for track use:

At Masparts, we don’t condone dangerous driving, & racing on track without this track-focused brakes upgrade is one of those. So if you’re the type who frequently likes pushing their ferrari to its limit on the track, we strongly suggest getting this upgrade fitted. These track-focused brakes are designed to extend the lifespan of brake pads, ensuring durability during prolonged track sessions. This kid includes upgraded brake calipers, specially engineered rear brake pads & a dedicated cooling system for the rear calipers. This innovative combination effectively reduces the temperature of the rear braking system, resulting in extended lifespan without compromising performance.

As you can see by the curated upgrades we listed, Ferrari’s vision for this car is purely about high performance & track usage with carbon fiber, aerodynamic parts & track use brakes. But that isn’t all, stay tuned since following this post, we’ll upload another one focused solely on parts for the interior, enhancing the user experience & truly transforming your driving experience. 

Ferrari 458 Italia track brakes


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