Ferrari Portofino Genuine upgrades

Ferrari portofino rolling shot

In this new entry in the “Best genuine upgrades for your …. under …. Euros” series, we will this time go over some quality-of-life upgrades for the Ferrari Portofino. From useful tech to stylish additions, these upgrades are designed to elevate your journey in the luxurious Ferrari Portofino.

1- Parking camera & sensors:

If you spent so much on your prized possession, you wouldn’t want to take any dumb risk scratching it during attempts to enter tight parking spots for example, this is where the addition of parking cameras on top of sensors comes in handy, with front & rear cameras, you are provided with essential information on your instrument panel, ensuring a hassle-free parking experience behind the wheel.

2-  AFS Headlights:

Ferrari Portofino AFS headlights

For enhanced safety and performance, consider installing the Advanced Front lighting System (AFS) headlights. These headlights dynamically adjust the beam according to the direction of the bend, optimizing light intensity and improving visibility. With AFS headlights, you can navigate the roads with improved clarity and confidence.

3- Athermic Windscreen:

Athermic windshield

Upgrade to the athermic windscreen, which offers exceptional benefits. This transparent windscreen filters over 30% of UV light, protecting the interior trim against sunlight exposure while maximizing passenger comfort. It also reduces the load on the climate control system, improving fuel efficiency. Rest assured, this windscreen does not interfere with GPS systems or RFID electronic toll payment systems.

4- Passenger Display:

Ferrari Portofino Passenger display

Experience the thrill of driving with the Passenger Display, an optional feature installed on the passenger side of the dashboard. This display allows your passenger to share in the joys of driving, providing real-time information such as engine speed, vehicle speed, gear selection, navigation symbols, and trip computer. Choose from variants like carbon fiber fitted or normal passenger display, or a 3rd option with the parking camera for added functionality.

5- Carplay:

Ferrari Portofino Carplay

Stay connected and entertained with the convenience of Apple CarPlay. Seamlessly integrate your iPhone with the car’s controls, allowing you to access various functions safely. With CarPlay, you can navigate using Apple Maps, make calls, send messages, and enjoy your favorite music, all from the car’s screen. It’s a smarter and safer way to use your iPhone while on the go.

6- Smartphone Integration System:

Smartphone integration system

Take advantage of the new Smartphone Integration system to connect your phone with the car’s infotainment system. This integration allows you to use your favorite apps, listen to music, and navigate via Apple or Google Maps, all without taking your attention off the road. Voice commands enable you to send messages, check appointments, and stay connected, providing convenience and safety.

7- Anti-theft Stud Bolts:

Anti theft stud bolts

Protect your valuable wheels with Ferrari’s anti-theft stud bolts. These bolts are designed to secure your wheels without altering their design. The anti-theft feature ensures peace of mind, and the cap conceals the screws, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your Ferrari Portofino.

8- Luggage Retainer Net:

Luggage retainer net

Optimize your luggage space with the Ferrari Genuine luggage retainer net. This net, made with an elasticated core encased in polypropylene, keeps your belongings securely in place while protecting them from damage. Make the most of your storage space and travel with confidence, knowing your luggage is safely secured.

These genuine quality of life upgrades for the Ferrari Portofino offer a range of benefits, from enhancing safety and convenience to adding style and functionality. Whether it’s the parking camera system, AFS headlights, or the advanced technology integration, each upgrade is designed to elevate your driving experience. Explore these options and personalize your Ferrari Portofino to make every journey an exceptional one.

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